Annual Reports

Changes in Annual Report Process Benefits Members

Challenge: The association’s printed annual report was historically published more than a year after the close of each year in book format. By the time of publication, the contents were of little use for the members, containing an outdated membership directory, committee reports and an audited financial report.

Solution: With RRR Association’s recommendation, the President agreed at the end of his term to reformat the annual report and eliminate the membership directory from the publication, instead, providing an up to date directory on its website. The committee annual reports were solicited immediately so that they were provided within one week of the close of the association’s year. All other material was collected and filed electronically during the year. Ultimately, the book format was replaced by a simpler, faster and less costly format as well as published online.

Result: The first formatted association’s annual report was published within 90 days of the association year end, making it timely and relevant to new members.