Increasing Member Participation

Challenge: In order for an association to be truly successful in fulfilling its mission, goals and events it requires participation from its members. If the work is only handled by a select few it will quickly turn into a burden and they will no longer be active. One of our clients suffered from this exact situation. The participation was extremely low from all of the membership with most of the work carried out the President and Executive Office.

Solution: RRR strongly encouraged the creation of distinct committees with separate members, missions and annual objectives that collectively contributed to the organization. Committee chairs were appointed and additional volunteers were solicited. The Executive Office was authorized to support the committees with the administrative aspects of their work as the President also appointed a Board Liaison for each committee that was empowered to report and provide additional help when needed.

Result: As time progressed and the committee meetings were regularly scheduled, the groups became more independent, the members became more engaged and the association’s agenda advanced. Networking and collegiality among the members improved and individual members took a greater interest in undertaking leadership roles in the association. Presently, the Board continues their involvement and interest in the organization and are active with organizing events, networking with committees and overall striving to achieve the association’s goals and abide by their mission..