Streamlining Internal Functions to Promote Efficiency

Challenge: RRR was retained to be the full service management company for an association with over 1300 members and to design a sophisticated, more efficient approach to its operations with updated electronic capabilities. The system developed by their former management firm was very limited, consisting of a spreadsheet containing members and dues payments, with no integration for events, member history, committees and financial management.

Solution: Within 3 months of commencing the engagement, we delivered a report and recommendations to the Board of Directors for integrated association management software solutions that would establish one source for managing membership, dues and committee records, program attendance and payments, as well as create and maintain a current online membership directory. Prior to the end of the first year of our engagement, the new association software was customized, populated and fully functioning and worked seamlessly with the newly designed website with a real time up to date membership directory, committee directory and association activities calendar.

Result: As a result of the new system, dues invoices are generated easily and the new online payment system has resulted in more timely dues collections. Membership communications and program announcements are now sent directly from the central database without the delay or expense of a third party web host. Program registrations are processed and paid online, and changes and updates to the website are uploaded easily and instantly.