Membership Campaigns

Challenge: In reviewing its membership demographics and retention rate, this association client realized it had been modestly, but not insignificantly impacted during the recent economic downturn. They had experienced membership losses as a result of retirements and downsizing and fewer young and recently admitted lawyers were joining the organization. Over the same time period, the association had not conducted a targeted membership campaign or actively promoted the benefits of membership.

Solution: The plan was to not only to launch a membership campaign but for RRR to create and implement a strategy that would reach and resonate with young lawyers and law students. The program included expanding the association’s contacts and member prospects lists, revising and updating marketing graphics, adding young lawyer programs and networking events and incorporating social media into the organization’s regular and ongoing communication platforms.

Result: The response to programming has been rewarding and there has been an increase in membership without taxing the association’s marketing budget. With our input, the association will continue to refine its communications with particular emphasis on electronic and social media.